Our Purpose

We exist to help people far from health restore their God-given health potential and maintain it for a lifetime.

We love what we do. Every day, our team embraces the opportunity to educate, encourage, and celebrate life-change with the people and families we help through holistic chiropractic care.
Our Team

In good hands.

Your health is our mission, and we love what we get to do. We’re real people, each with real stories of how chiropractic has changed our lives.
Dr. Brian Class, DNM, DC
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Bonnie Xaysavat
Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Reece Carroll
Doctor of Chiropractic
Our Clinic

A Healing Environment

Life Essentials Health Center is transforming the health of the Charleston community through a holistic functional medicine approach that gets the root cause of health conditions and provides a solution that allow patients to regain their full health potential.
Located in Mount Pleasant, SC, Life Essentials has been a leading provider of wellness services in the Charleston area since 2008. Within 14 months of opening, it quickly became the largest natural healthcare clinic in South Carolina where thousands of families address the underlying cause of health issues through our no-drug, no-surgery, natural approach.

We serve our patients by providing an atmosphere of healing and healthcare services that maximize their healing potential. As we see many ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, headaches, thyroid, depression, autoimmune disease and pain being overcome, it is truly remarkable to be a part of and witness the freedom our patients gain when they reach their God-given health potential. We truly feel blessed to see people overcome sickness and disease every day.
Transformation Stories

I have actually seen major improvements in my ability to move my head, my arms, everything else. My sleep is better; it’s just been fantastic.


I have been experiencing some very severe migraines and at least two seizures a week. Now I can get out of the house and do more. I can actually see the light of day.


I can sit up straighter now. I have more energy. I’m less fatigued. I just feel like a completely new person.


I’m not waking up with nerve pain anymore shooting down my legs, getting good night sleep, and I’m not taking Tylenol PM anymore.


I play league tennis and went to state championships this year. I didn’t have any pain in my shoulder anymore, I got my serve back, and feeling great!


I got to spend my weekend pain-free… that means back, legs, knees, feet, bottoms of feet, and being able to stretch my toes.


I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I’m sleeping better. And this is all in just one month of being here.

Dana M.

Feeling great after only 2 treatments. I suffer from severe neck and whole body pain... so excited for a better quality of life!

Leila C.

After my first adjustment I couldn't believe how GOOD my spine felt, I wanted to dance! The staff has been absolutely amazing and supportive throughout my journey. The community at Life Essentials is so warm and inviting.

Audrey H.
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