Could technology usage with children lead to horn growth?

Published July 8, 2019

Technology is continually advancing and has changed the way we view and interact with our world.  An alarming stat is that the average child spends 8-10.5hours per day in glued to a technological device  (phone, computer, tablet).  Furthermore the posture that children exhibit when zoned into their technology will make your neck hurt just looking at them.  Children, however, do not usually exhibit pain as they are younger and heal faster and do not have degenerative conditions yet.  Thus, these type of activities were not thought to cause any long term damage UNITL NOW!

The result= the formation of BONE SPURS (HORNS) on the back of their neck.  This is a degenerative condition of the skeleton that has serious implications in the health of our children NOW and LEADS TO MAJOR SPINAL CONDITIONS AS YOUNG ADULTS. 

The posture exhibited by TECH NECK causes extreme abnormal stress to the muscles of the neck and more importantly based on this new research to the SPINE.  The damage to your child’s spine is reversible IF DETECTED and CORRECTED early on. 

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