2020 Vision For Your Health

A new year. A new DECADE is upon us. This is typically a time of reflection and goal setting for most.

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New Year New You

We get excited for the new year—we make New Year’s Resolutions—we anticipate changing our lives, and...

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Top 15 Foods for Reducing Inflammation

By addressing the inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods, not only can the symptoms of these diseases be alleviated, but we could even see them cured.

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Is your gut making you sick?

Many individuals never are able to correlate, let alone find the root cause of their sickness due to the fact they are looking in the wrong place.

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Could technology usage with children lead to horn growth?

The posture exhibited by TECH NECK causes extreme abnormal stress to the muscles of the neck and more importantly based on this new research to the SPINE.

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What is CBD oil and is it right for you?

There isn’t another supplement or herb getting more attention right now than CBD oil, so we examine its benefits, what to look for and who it is right for.

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Dead Man's Curve: 3 studies you need to know and what we’re doing about them

Read 3 studies to find out why it is so imperative to correct alignment issues... as though your life depended on it.

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Don't turn summertime into summer health slump

Since summer schedules often change, especially for those with children or grandchildren, it’s more critical than ever to stay on track with your healthcare.

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From treating back pain and headaches to weight gain and fatigue, we want you to experience life to the fullest.
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